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MSO and DOMA Bring Art and Music Together

On the morning of Tuesday, April 17, the Muncie Symphony Orchestra and the David Owsley Museum of Art (DOMA) collaborated for the first time! With the talents of the Music on the Move Woodwind Quintet and the Richard Diebenkorn: Beginnings exhibition, we were able to bring music and art together through an educational program for about 20 homeschooled kids and their teachers.

The Richard Diebenkorn: Beginnings exhibit includes 78 drawings and 22 paintings that DOMA says “aim to represent a comprehensive view of Diebenkorn’s evolution to maturity, focusing solely on the paintings and drawings that precede his 1955 shift to figuration at age 33.” The exhibit has been at DOMA since February and will remain in the museum until May 20. One of Diebenkorn’s paintings, The Archer, was the focal point of that day’s educational presentation.


Oboist Noah Connolly talking about Richard Diebenkorn’s “The Arrow” to the group of children.


Our Music on the Move Woodwind Quintet is a student ensemble made up of a flutist, oboist, clarinetist, bassoonist and a horn player. These five Ball State University students get to travel to schools and groups around the Muncie area and provide educational programs for children through music. Their presentation this season focuses on emotions, imagination, melody, harmony and each of their individual instruments. In addition to their usual presentation, due to the special collaboration with DOMA, the Music on the Move Woodwind Quintet also compared the musical selections in their program to one of Diebenkorn’s paintings, The Archer. The ensemble explained to the children how the members of their ensemble come together to create a “bigger picture” just as The Archer is made up of smaller components that, when combined, make up the whole painting. Music on the Move Woodwind Quintet member and French horn player, Anita Rodriguez, said about the experience: “Combining art with music allowed us to take a more visual perspective of music rather than simply an auditory one.”

Being able to provide music education to people throughout the Muncie community is something that is very important to us at the Muncie Symphony Orchestra. We are proud of the way our Music on the Move ensembles impact young people’s lives through our educational programs. Angela Trieschman, teacher and parent of a homeschool group we presented to in collaboration with DOMA, said that her kids “got to experience music and art in a way that they will never forget.” To us, this immersive educational experience is what it is all about. We look forward to the possibility of combining art and music again by collaborating with DOMA!

Looking to schedule a free visit from one of our Music on the Move ensembles? Reach out to our Education Coordinator today at 765.285.5531 or


The Music on the Move Woodwind Quintet performing for homeschool children in DOMA.


A few of the homeschool children looking at artwork in DOMA.


A piece of art created by one of the homeschool children.

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