Donor Acknowledgements

Waldo Beebe
Anne & John Eliades
Donna Gilkison
Robert Kersey
Van & Margaret Smith
Charles and Claudia Sursa
Marjorie Zeigler
$1,000 to $2,999
Stefan and Joan Anderson
Ken and Peggy Briner
Patrick & Marilyn Cleary
Karen Evens
Tom Clark and Mary Foster
Dan & Mary House
Eric & Sandra Kelly
Richard and Elizabeth Marshall
Bea Mertens
Nancy Millard
John & Grace Miller
Lisbeth Mitchell
Jon Moll
Barbara and Erwin Mueller
Lawrence Owens
Don & Claire Park
Patricia Schaefer
Kirk & Judi Shafer
Keith Greenwalt & Marla Templeton
William V Miller and Annemarie Voss
Don & Sue Whitaker
$500 to $999
William and Lois Altman
Ben and Pat Bennett
Mrs. Linda Branam
Roberto and Jeanne Darroca
Donna Dye
Jean Gadziola
David & Nancy Galliher
Michael and Cathy Galliher
James and Martha Gooden
Julia and Tom Hemeyer
Jerome and Linda McKean
Jim and Linda Needham
Betty Brewer and Steve Perry
Donna Polcz
Julie Powers
Jerry & Nanette Rushton
Steve & Staci Slavin
John and Sandra Worthen
$350 to $499
Connie Gregory
Linda Gregory
Dr. Charles Routh
Michael & Caroline Sullivan
$250 to $349
Jennifer Abrell
Margaret Adams
Norman and Joyce Beck
Gilbert Bloom
Ralph and Elizabeth Bremigan
Ann Briggs
Juanita Bruns
Wil & Cynthia Davis
Douglas Droste
Jane Duckworth
Rodney and Louise Head
Jamie and Jennifer Johnson
Flora Kearney Family Foundation
Al Kundenreich
John A and Vicki L MacIntyre
Richard & Joan McKee
Hank and Terri Milius
Mark & Mary Mordue
Ralph & Cecelia Place
Marsha Richardson
Andrew and Sharon Seager
Bea and Lynn Sousa
M Kay Stickle
Alice & Gerald Thomas
Ross and Harlean VanNess
John and Therese Weakland
Grant & Helen Wells
$100 to $249
Gary Addison
Susan & Thomas Ball
Joyce Bell
Normandy Flower Shop
Temple Beth El
David Hussain and Rebecca Brey
Dr. Laura Wilson and W. Ryan Burrin
Dr. Harold Caldwell
Marilyn Carey
Nancy and John Carlson
Lisa Carter
Ray and Tracy Chambers
Lykins Counseling Clinic
Bill & Judy Cowling
Jim & Bev Cristee
Julia Dotson
Damon Elmore
Elizabeth Jared and John Emert
Aubrey & Julia Gouveia
Naim and Shallia Gupta
Linda Hanson
Jeannine and Gayle Harrold
Aileen Howard
Scott Jordan
LTC Richard & Mrs. Kathryn Kennison
David & Mary Koltenbah
John Koumoulides
Charles and Charlotte Mason
Dr. John and Mrs. Cynthia McCabe
Thomas and Carol McComish
Robert McFadden
Jack McFarland
Alena and James McKenzie
Tim Miller
Parson Mortuary Inc.
Suzanne Naumcheff
Sandra & Chris Neel
Jane Patton
Oswald & Adelaide Petrucco
Jeffrey Rapkin
Judith Roepke
Elizabeth Ann Roos
Tom Schroeder
Sara Shade
Sigma Alpha Iota
Thomas & Sharon Spoerner
Robert & Janet Stratton
Terry and Cheryl Walker
Lu Wang
Carol Watkins
Michael and Laura Williamson
Alan & Beverly Wilson
George Wolfe
$1 to $99
Monique Armstrong
Tiffany Arnold
Michelle and Chris Bade
Tracy Benzinger
Brenda Brumfield
Renee Burkart
Conversation Club
The Monday Afternoon Club
Dana Cristee
Paula Davidson
Louise Dennin
John Disher
Mary and Cornelius Dollison
Michael & Jackie Findley
Susan Fisher
Jean Gadziola
Vicky Good
Cheryl Guise
Christopher Harrison
Mary Sue Hoogenboom
Ryan and Amy Hourigan
Richard Ice Family
Charles Jaggers
Martha Kendrick
Kathy & Bill Kleckner
Bob and Barbara Kvam
Stephen & Melanie Lambert
Shirley Lanum
Jan Largent
Lois and Dave Largent
Starr Manning
Carmella Mansfield
Marilyn McCord
Sarah McCord
Kathie McDaniel
Joann McKinney
Norman Miller
Michael & Kara Mozina
Marianne Nazarian
Sean Orlosky
Kim Rattray
Charles and Alayne Retherford
James and Gretchen Schneider
Sandy Sexton
JoEllen Sipahigil
Marjorie Smith
Genet Soule
Thomas Steiner
Vernon Swajkowski
Courtney Thomas
Blanche Townsend
Brandon Walters
Ann Wolfe

January 1, 2018 through July 10, 2019

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