CONCERT ETIQUETTE – Cultural writer Pablo Tariman provides Highspeed with “The Ten Commandments of Concert Etiquette.” Pablo helped mount the Meralco concert of international diva Nelly Miricioiu, his dear friend from way back, when the Rumanian soprano was just starting to make a name.

1. Thou shall not arrive late nor leave early.
2. Thou shall applaud when the conductor enters the stage.
3. Thou shall not talk during the concert.
4. Thou shall quickly remove restless or crying children.
5. Thou shall govern thy children to stay seated and keep their feet from kicking the chairs of others.
6. Thou shall not unwrap or eat candy during the performance.
7. Thou shall leave at home or turn down the volume of cellphones and other devices.
8. Thou shall return to thy seats before the end of intermission.
9. Thou shall not applaud between movements of symphonies or other multisectional works listed on the program.
10. Thou shall applaud with vigor at the performance conclusion.