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If you’ve ever stopped by the Muncie Symphony Orchestra’s office (Arts and Communications Building, room 112), you’ve probably been greeted by our best worker. He’s always in a great mood with a smile on his face; he’s always happy to see you; he’s a great listener; and best of all, he’s super cute. You may be thinking that I’m talking about our wonderful Education Coordinator, Dr. Clayton Dunaway, but the man of this blog post is Ricky the dog!

IMG_3337 2Ricky was rescued by Golden Retriever Rescue and Community Education (GRRACE) and fostered by Judy Cowling (MSO’s Administrative Coordinator) in October, 2016. His past is somewhat a mystery, but it was evident that he had been abused and neglected. Apart from being extremely underweight, Ricky had a ruptured mass on his ear and a bad ear infection (which made him smell), was covered with fleas, and had lost all of the
hair on his back and rear end. Despite his
beat-up appearance, Judy recognized how
special Ricky was and adopted him.

Since his rescue, Judy has been taking really good care of Ricky—he’s gained weight, and almost all of his hair has grown back. His past life is behind him, and he now enjoys three yummy meals and three glorious walks every day. His tail won’t stop wagging on walks—he loves going on adventures, exploring the world, and meeting new people. Because Ricky is such a loving, well behaved dog, Judy is able to bring him into the office while she’s working, and he’s such a wonderful addition to the office environment. Ricky has taken on the great responsibility of greeting everyone who stops by and does so with a giant smile and a wagging tail (my kind of customer service!).

Ricky spending time with Cameron Keenan, a BSU senior Music Performance Major.

Besides just greeting people, Ricky plays an even more important role in our office: he shows love to everyone. Although he isn’t a trained therapy dog, he certainly acts like one because his love and calm demeanor are infectious. Amidst the busyness and stress of college life, many students come to the office specifically to spend time with Ricky, who offers them a few minutes of tranquility and happiness, as only a dog like Ricky can. I love being able to see Ricky interact with the people come by the office, as well as the effect his doggy charm has on them. He is an invaluable asset to our MSO office team, so make sure you stop by our office in AC 112 so you can meet Ricky for yourself (we also have tea and hot chocolate, if you’re into that sort of thing).
Hope to see you soon!


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