Competitions are about more than just participation and winning prizes; they can play a major role in uncovering and nurturing natural talents of the students. They give students a platform to express their creative and artistic abilities; for children and teenager, this can often have a life-changing effect.

Competitions allow students to uncover their natural talents in music. They can give a budding artists a chance to showcase their skills and experience in a diverse form of learning which they might not otherwise have access to. Competitions allow the students to test out their creative ideas in a risk-free manner. This allows for learning and growing as artists and this period can also be seen as an investment in future success.

Competitions are important to motivate young artists and help them to develop their creative skills by exposing them to the contemporary talent in the field. By observing the work of their peers, students have the opportunity analyze and evaluate their techniques and outcomes vis-à-vis those of other artists. For the competitors, feedback and analysis of the experienced judges is an important factor in self-evaluation and course correction, if necessary.  And of course, winning a prize or acclaim is invaluable as a motivational tool for the young artists and can kick start a serious attempt to make a career in the music field.

Broader Outlook
Music competitions offer the students a chance to meet new people and make new friends. Meeting people from other areas and different geographical locations offers young people a chance to develop new ideas and broaden their outlook. Sometimes, competitions provide opportunities for students to travel to new places and observe different cultures. All of this can be life-changing for any student who aspires to be in the creative field where new ideas and new ways of thinking are deeply cherished.

Right Attitude
Taking part in music competitions helps the students to develop the right attitude towards a career as a musician. It allows them to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zones in face of competitions. Students learn to think of competitions as more than just about winning and losing; they learn to appreciate the experience and move on to become better and stronger musicians. Constant learning and self-motivation is the key to success as a musician and these competitions help to instill these habits in students.

Last but not the least, participation and success in competitions make for great imprints on a student resume when applying to schools and can definitely be a stepping stone to a great future as a musician.