Music on the Move!

Music on the Move! is a FREE program available through a partnership between the Muncie Symphony Orchestra and the Ball State University School of Music. This unique program allows elementary-aged students to experience a small chamber ensemble (string quartet, woodwind quintet, brass quintet) in a casual, interactive musical conversation. Performances for elementary students are upbeat and informal. Programs are designed to be age-appropriate and last approximately 25 minutes.

As visits allow, the program is available for a variety of venues including: public and private schools, pre-schools, non-profit educational organizations, nursing homes, adult day-care centers and groups of home schooled students.

Testimonials from Area Educators and Parents:

“This program introduces instruments in a very understandable way. It shows students that listening to music like this can be enjoyable. One of the best things about this program is the way it opens up conversations for the teacher with the students about the different styles of music, different musical instruments, and how the performance affected the students.” – Mrs. Bethany Gunther, Music Teacher at Heritage Hall Christian School

“The students were attentive. Music vocabulary that they learn in class was reinforced (tempo, dynamics, melody, etc.). It was a great exposure to string instruments.” – Ms. Lesley Moulton, Assistant Principal at Monroe Central Elementary

“The performers demonstrated relationships between the instruments and culture. The performers also asked our students to analyze each performance.” – Mr. Scott Jackson, Music Teacher at Burris Laboratory School

“All students, grades K-5th grade, were engaged and entertained. The performance was informative and enjoyable for all students.” – Mr. Rob Frey, Principal at St. Lawrence Catholic School

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